Dates, Rates & Forms


Session Dates 2024

1 WeekJune 9 - June 15 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session A1
1 WeekJune 16 - June 22 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session A2
1 WeekJune 23 - 28 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session A3$1090
1 WeekJune 30 - July 6 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session B1$1155
1 WeekJuly 7 - July 13 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session B2$1155
2 WeeksJune 9 - June 22 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session A$2310
2 WeeksJune 30 - July 13 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session B$2310
2 WeeksJuly 14 - July 27Session C$2310
3 WeeksJuly 7 - 27 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session B2C$3640
4 WeeksJune 30 - July 27 (FULL - Waiting List Available)Session BC$4795

Click here for Billing and Refund Policies.


Sibling Discount

$75 a week discount

Each sibling after the first child enrolled receives a $75 a week discount.

Referral Discount

$50 discount for each camper you recruit

For each camper you recruit to Chatuga, you will receive $50 off.  In order to receive your Referral Discount, you must notify Lucy at [email protected] to let her know the referred camper(s) have registered.

Service Camper

20% discount

Rising 11th graders enroll as a Service Camper and receive a 20% discount on any summer session. For more detailed information about the Service Camper position, look under the “forms” section of our website for a description.

House Party Host

$200 discount

(If you would like to gather your friends and neighbors together to learn more about Camp Chatuga, you can host a house party. A minimum of four families is required.  You will receive $200 off your next summer’s tuition, plus receive the referral discount of $50 for any camper you referred who comes to Chatuga. Families who attend and sign up receive $50 off the tuition of each child they register.  Your home must be within reasonable driving distance (3 - 4 hours) from Camp Chatuga.  Contact Sherry at [email protected] to schedule a party.