Angela Gordon Sullivan

Owner / Director

Barry and Angela Sullivan have three children and have had foster children. They live in Powdersville, SC in the off-season. Angela received her degree in Elementary Education from Clemson University. She is the daughter of Chatuga founder Nield Gordon and grew up at Camp Chatuga.


Rick Moxley

Owner / Director

Rick and Sherry Moxley have six children and live in Mountain Rest, SC. Rick received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University and has over 30 years in the camp industry. Sherry is the Marketing Director for Chatuga.


Lucy Gordon Barnett

Owner / Director

Henry and Lucy Barnett have two children and live in Westminster, SC in the off-season. Lucy is a former teacher and speech therapist with a degree from Winthrop University. She is also the daughter of Chatuga founder Nield Gordon and grew up at Camp Chatuga.



Sherry Moxley

Marketing Director


Chris Cooley

Activity Director


Lori Wall

Associate Director


Eric Moxley

Associate and Outdoor Director


Tessa Moxley

Nature and Sustainability Director


Karen Johnson

Office Manager and Registrar


Nan Cooley

Food Service Director


Jana Foote

Horseback Director


Allison Collins

Camper Experience Director

2024 Counselors

  • Phoebe Cross (Staff Encouragement Coordinator)
  • Erin Cooney (Head Female Staff)
  • Aziah Gaskin (Head Male Staff)
  • Danielle Hansard (Waterfront Supervisor)
  • Marin Roberts (co-Crafts and Special Events Coordinator)
  • Gabi Sadurski (co-Crafts and Special Events Coordinator)
  • Travis Swart (co-OLS Supervisor)
  • Connor Dorsett (co-OLS Supervisor)
  • Allie Lane
  • Aran Quaid
  • Ava Pirich
  • Avery Thye
  • Brody Jensen
  • Catherine Hogg
  • Chloe Geer
  • Chloe Grant
  • Chloe Phillips
  • Cici Lee
  • Collin Lough
  • Deborah Marlow
  • Diego Peralta Garcia
  • Dillyn Moore-Shine
  • Emma Hodges


  • Erica Lyden
  • Erin Owcarz
  • Ethan Jones
  • Garrett Scott
  • Harry Mellor
  • Jerod Hicks
  • Joey Baltruschat
  • Juan Vivas Del Basto
  • Kieran Curtis
  • Kinsley McElrath
  • Lara Agostino
  • Lili Deupi
  • Lukah Smith
  • Luke Wallace
  • Meg Wallace
  • Michael Hoag
  • Nick Alsopp
  • Olly Nathan
  • Sam Harvey
  • Tom Eccleston
  • Will Davis

2023 Camp Chatuga Counselors

join the team

What are the benefits of being a camp counselor? It is an outstanding opportunity to experience personal growth while also making a difference in a child’s life. Working at Chatuga will expose you to new and exciting things, provide you with valuable job experience for any career, expand your friendships, and give you a summer you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Once a Chatugan, always a Chatugan!

NEW STAFF:  Click Here for the Counselor Job Description. If you are of strong character and have a desire to work with children, fill out this Staff Application to start your summer adventure! After we receive your completed application, we will contact you to set up a Zoom interview.

Check out our NEW VIDEO FOR POTENTIAL COUNSELORS and then email Angela Sullivan at [email protected] for more details!

RETURNING STAFF: For staff previously employed by Camp Chatuga who are interested in returning, email Angela at the above email address.

"Chatuga has been an experience of a lifetime. I struggled here at first, but after four days I fell in love with this place. Some of the people I met will forever be my best friends. The administration is perfect and so organized. You know there is something special about this place when campers are crying and begging to stay when you see counselors dancing and singing on stage, and when you see the bond among everyone here. I LOVE this place and I never in a million years would give up my time/experience here."

– Rebecca Reel

"The experience of being with the kids and seeing the enjoyment in their faces when you know they are having a great time is an amazing feeling as a counselor. I will also remember the memories made with both campers and counselors alike."

– Kiernan Gordon